Dilli Haat: The Biggest traditional Market in Delhi

Dilli Haat- Traditional Market

Dilli Haat

With regards to shopping in India, Dilli Haat is the spot. The city has a large number of business sectors with a different exhibit of painstaking work and different things from everywhere throughout the nation.

The greatest and most prestigious market has been explicitly set up by the legislature to give a stage to craftsmen to come and sell their products.

It gives the vibe of a conventional week after week town advertises and offers social exhibitions and Indian food too. The idea is gigantically well known.

Beautiful Bangles- Dilli Haat,
Traditional market- Dilli Haat
Dilli Haat- Beautiful Bangles

Haat Locations

There are three Haat showcases in Delhi.

  1. First Haat is in INA and it is near to INA Metro station (Yellow Line) South Delhi. It was built in 1994.
  2. Second Haat is in Pritampura and it is near to Netaji Subhash Palace Metro Station(Red Line), North Delhi. It was built in 2008.
  3. Third Haat is in Janakpuri and it is near to Tilak Nagar Metro station (Blue Line), West Delhi. It was build in July 2014.

Which Haat Should You Visit?

For this situation, the first is ideal. In spite of the fact that they’re bigger, the two more up to date Haats have neglected to recreate the feeling of achievement of the first INA Dilli Haat.

The Haat at Janakpuri has more occurring than the one at Pitampura. In any case, except if it’s an end of the week or there’s a celebration occurring, both remain very left.

handmade pottery seller- Dilli Haat
A Pottery Seller- Dilli Haat

Haat Features

While each Haat has an alternate structure, basic highlights of each are workmanship slows down that have craftsmen on a rotational premise, some perpetual shops, and a nourishment court serving cooking from all over in India.

The momos from upper east India at INA Haat are among the best in the city.

Haat at Pitampura is famous for the craftsman or antique product.

Haat at Janakpuri is famous for music and music culture.

Buying Antique Saal - Dilli Haat
A women is buying antique saal-Dilli Haat

What Can You Buy at Haat?

Dilli Haat gives a equals opportunity to every stall taker or shopmen of 15 days of guarantee that they can run there stall or shoes in the market.

A lot of option is available in the market like saris, shoes, antique products, Handlooms, and craftsman products. And also ethnic wear, pieces of jewelry, pad covers, mats and much more.

There are lots of Chinese products is also available in market likes glass items, bowls and many more.

Celebrations and Events at Haat

  • Every Dilli haat is organizing a great India food festival in the month of January every year.
  • Baisakhi festival is celebrating in the month of April every year.
  • Summer Festival is celebrating in the month of June every year.
  • International Mango Festival in July every year.
  • Teej festival in August every year.

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