Historical Monument:- Qutub Minar

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Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is a minaret situated in the Qutab complex. It is a legacy site situated in Delhi. It is a decreasing pinnacle, which was planned like the Minaret of Jam situated in Western Afghanistan. The principal floor of the pinnacle was worked in the twelfth century.

The second, third and fourth floors were worked in the thirteenth century and the last floor was finished in the fourteenth century.

There were endeavors to add a 6th story to the pinnacle, which fizzled. This is the triumph tower of Mughal, which demonstrated the start of Muslim guideline in India.

qutub Minar
Main View of Qutub Minar

About Qutub Minar

This monument has five decreasing stories. The lower three stories are made of light red sandstone, the fourth is made of marble and the fifth is made of marble and sandstone.

Every story has an overhang anticipating out. The gallery is encompassed by selective fine arts. At the foot of the landmark, you can discover a mosque, Quwwat-ul-Islam.

Qutub Minar - Inside View
Historical Monument- Qutub Minar Inside View

Step by Step Instructions to Reach this monument

This monument is situated in Mehrauli locale of Southwest Delhi. You can without much of a stretch discover taxis and cars from any piece of the city. You can without much of a stretch achieve the landmark by means of neighborhood transport and metro.

The closest metro station is Qutub Minar station. Amid the travel industry season, you can ride the bounce on jump off touring transport visit given by the travel industry office.

Best Time to Visit Qutub Minar

The landmark is less untainted with a season. The monument is at prime magnificence consistently. Delhi has an unforgiving summer, which is getting dried out and damps. Therefore, it is smarter to dodge the mid-year season, which begins in March and finishes in June.

The storm is wonderful yet the city gets overwhelming precipitation making touring, entirely awkward. Therefore, stay away from storm season, which begins in July and finishes in September. The winter season begins in October and finishes in March. The atmosphere is satisfying and it is the travel industry period of the nation. This is the best time to visit the landmark.

Historical Monument- Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar Outside View

Section Fee and Visiting Time of Qutub Minar

The landmark is open during the time from 7 in the first part of the day until 5 at night. It takes not over an hour and a half to investigate the landmark.

Kids underneath 15 are permitted to enter the landmark, free of expense.

Indian residents – INR 30 for every head. Residents of SARRC nations are likewise charged INR 30 for every head.

Outsiders – INR 500 Per Head.

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